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The Best Flagpoles for Events and Exhibitions

Before we start recommending which type of flagpole is best suited for an event or exhibition you need to ask yourself what type of event it is. This is the basis to start your selection on as this will determine the type of flagpole that you will require.

We have a number of event flagpoles that are suitable for outdoor and indoor shows. Below we have listed the questions you should ask yourself before making your decision.

1) Is it an outdoor or indoor exhibition or event?
2) Where are you located within the show?
3) Would you be on soft or hard ground.
4) Is it a fairly open or closed in event?
5) What type of height would you require to attract maximum attention?
6) What size of ground floor space will you need to cover? This would determine what quantity you will need.

By asking your self these questions you should then be able to make a starting point on what type of flagpole you will need. We have made another simple list of the types of flagpoles that we would recommend for different types of events.

Windsail / Feather Flags – These are ideal for both outdoor or indoor shows. They are very popular due to their modern design. We have a number of different baseplate options. The spiked bases are suitable for soft ground use outdoors. Our folding cross base and water filled bases are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, as long as the folding cross base is weighted down. We also have the Car wheelbase that secures underneath a car wheel, which can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Our large telescopic event flagpole is suited to both outdoor and indoor events, due to its heavy duty water filled base. This is excellent on hard standing surfaces used at entrances to events.

We also have a wide range of portable flagpoles that have a car wheelbase to secure under a car wheel. These can also be used both indoors and outdoors but require a car to be present to secure.

Our guyed flagpoles are suitable for outdoor events and tend to be very popular with summer shows that are in very open areas. The guyed ropes help to secure the flagpole at 3 points.

If you require assistance you can call our experienced sales team on: 08458-543210 for advice.


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